Treadmill Training

Dog Treadmill Training

s your dog hyper and full of energy?


Does he drive you crazy always wanting to go, go, go?


Do you wish you could give him the exercise he needs, wants and deserves?

LET US HELP!! Big or small – we treadmill them all!

Treadmill training is an unbelievable workout for your dog both mentally and physically. Regardless of the weather, work schedules or time of day, treadmill training your dog allows you to multitask and give him the outlet of energy and attention he’s craving.


And if you don’t have a treadmill at home, we have them here at Really Special Animals Dog Training Academy! 


Simply drop your dog off for a couple hours, let him run run run and pick him up happy, satisfied and biologically fulfilled! You get to drop him off crazy/hyper and pick him up dog tired, it’s that simple! 


german Shepard treadmill training

More About Dog Treadmill Training

Plus you’ll get a FREE pawdometer pawgress report to keep you in the loop along with your pup’s very own Woof-Out Journal that catalogs your dog’s exercise regiment and progress down to a T.


A tired dog is a good dog and a good dog is a happy dog so get your pup’s steps in & get fido fit again!