Barbara Jean is a very well rounded trainer who has helped teach me many skills for getting my dogs to behave the way I would like. She listens to/observes the behaviors to understand the owners concerns and then comes up with a plan for exactly what is needed for the specific dog/issue. She helped with adding more structure for both dogs to help maintain a calm environment and to help the integration go smoothly. It was amazing how quickly they could settle when giving specific, clear instructions to know exactly what the expectation was. We love that the classes are very easy going, and really a judgment free zone. Most of the dogs attending have had their own issues at one time or another so nobody looks down on you if your pup has a bad day and acts up. I’ve also seen firsthand the progress she has made with some other very reactive dogs that we regularly attend the group classes with and it’s amazing. She does some great work and really strives to prove that no dog is untrainable. She’s very personable, professional, and easy to work with and I would recommend her highly to anyone seeking training for their dogs for anything from basic obedience to more intense reactivity/aggression issues