Taking our dogs to Barbara Jean was life changing. We have two female rescue dogs who were adopted within a few months of each other. They went from getting along one day to drawing blood the next. We had gates set up all over the house and our dogs fought THROUGH the gates. Our home life was absolutely miserable. After a particularly bad fight that left both dogs limping and bleeding, we made the extremely difficult decision to send them to Barbara Jean for ‘boot camp’. On top of their fighting, one was a jumper and the other had severe anxiety and refused to come in the house when called. While we adored our dogs, they had many behavioral issues that needed to be addressed. Our girls stayed for 6 weeks and when they came home, they were crate trained, e-collar trained, eager to listen, and most importantly: getting along again. Not only did our girls learn a lot, but my husband and I gained much needed confidence. It’s been a little over a year since our girls came home and we can honestly say sending them for training was the best thing we’ve done for them and us. Our dogs are happier versions of themselves and they’re one of my greatest joys in life. We can’t thank Barbara Jean enough for giving us the gift of happy, well trained dogs!