I have struggled with getting Tuckers training on point for his whole life. Tucker is a nervous dog and would panic every time someone came into contact with us. Tucker would bark ferociously and lunge at people and other dogs. It was horrifying. As Tucker grew bigger and bigger it got worse and worse. It came to a point where I didn’t want to take Tucker out in public and id NEVER want to invite anyone over the house. I was really bummed out about it and hit rock bottom when Tucker nipped a family member who came to the house one day. We have worked with other trainers in the past but the advice we received was to put Tucker on medicine to calm him down. That was not an option for us. My cousin recommended me to Barbara Jean. She was know as the ‘last resort’ person to go to for anyone with serious dog behavioral issues. After the very first training session with Barbara Jean, I knew we found our trainer. Other then Barbara Jean being insanely knowledgable about dogs and behavioral issues, she is very patient, respectful and fun! My biggest reservation with dog trainers is that a lot of them tend to be rude and make me feel bad for the way I have handled my dog. Barbara Jean is the complete opposite of that. I feel very comfortable during our training sessions and have learned a ton. We went with the 10 session pack and we just finished our last session. The difference has been day and night with Tucker. He has learned manners around the house and other people, and is a lot more comfortable in public. I have learned how to read Tucker and guide him in public so he is cool and calm with his surroundings. We are also able to have people over without the stress of Tucker threatening anyone. I feel like I have my life back!! I definitely will be continuing our training with Barbara Jean since there is always stuff we can learn. We are so very thankful of everything she has done for our family!