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Our 1-on-1 private training programs are specifically catered to you and your pup’s individual needs. 

Each lesson is 2 hours long which gives us enough time to work with both you and your dog on what will then be your homework for the week. 


These individual lessons are a great way to work with…

-a dog that may be too overwhelmed or distracted in a group class environment 

-a dog who only exhibits troubled behavior at home

-people looking for a more personal experience

-people needing to accommodate a varying work schedule


To become eligible for our private dog training programs, simply complete a two hour evaluation with the dog(s) and all adults of the household where we can go over you and your dog strengths and weaknesses, as well as what behaviors you want to stop and also create. We will talk about any and all past history as well as set future training goals. From there, we are able to develop a specific program that works best in addressing exactly what you and your pup specifically need. Our training packages offer a more economical option than doing lessons individually while also ensuring bigger and better results. 


If you’re looking for that one on one attention and dramatic improvements during each and every lesson, then private lessons are the way to go. Click here to schedule your evaluation with us today! 

"we feel so much better already!"
"The difference is truly night and day!!"

How Do I Get Started?

Step 1 – Ask For Help

If you are here, then you have already completed step 1 which is admitting there is a problem and you are ready to seek  solutions. So congratulations and welcome to the journey that will improve both you and your dog’s quality of life! 


Step 2 – Evaluation!

This evaluation will last 2 hours with appointments available mornings, afternoons and evening time slots on both weekdays and weekends. We require all adults of the household to be present so all questions can be answered and decisions can be made easier with everyone being on the same page. 

We also do not accept all applicants into our training programs as we want to be sure we are the right fit for you and your family. We will match your commitment 100% and are looking for clients that are ready to step into change and create the results they (at this point) can only dream of. 

2 hour evaluation @ facility

$200 non-refundable


2 hour in home evaluation @ your home

$250 non-refundable within a 1 hour radius of Weare, NH

Additional travel charge for anything over an hour.


If you are ready to experience the dog you wanted then why wait any longer? Reach out and schedule your evaluation with us today!


Step 3 – Pick a Plan

After the evaluation, you will have a better idea of what is involved to get you from where you are now to where you want to be and beyond. You get to decide which plan best supports you getting there and how soon you want to start.



1 two hour single lesson @ facility
1 two hour single lesson @ your home
dog training nh

4 Two Hour Lesson Package

2 in home and 2 at the facility

6 Two Hour Lesson Package

3 in home and 3 at the facility  


8 Two Hour Lesson Package

4 in home and 4 at the facility 

See What Our NH Dog Training Clients Have To Say About Working With Us

Private Dog Training Testimonials

"We also have been using RSA for 1:1 training. Barbara Jean is patient, and communicates clearly. She truly is a pleasure to work with!"
Katie & Todd Cheever
Weare, NH resident
"Barbara Jean is amazing no exaggeration. Before training, my dog, Pippa, was very anxious, unpredictable, and aggressive, making it difficult to be with other dogs and people. During the consultation, we already saw so many changes and were extremely impressed. We actually thought she had switched out my dog with a new one because Pippa was so calm and relaxed. On the first night, Barbara Jean put her pizza on the floor, and Pippa, who was known for jumping up ONTO the table, DID NOT move out of “place”. Barbara Jean’s teaching is direct and applicable. She gave us the tools to establish expectations and ways to communicate with Pippa. After 5 private lessons, Pippa is a much happier and confident dog, because she understands the boundaries. A huge success is that Pippa can be OFF LEASH, something I laughed at when Barbara Jean said was possible. I can’t thank Barbara Jean enough, she has truly changed my relationship with Pippa. I would highly recommend Barbara Jean, she is worth every penny and my only regret is not starting sooner! Thanks, Barbara Jean & Really Special Animals! You have changed our lives!"
Hailey Nase
Weare, NH resident
"Being a rescue and currently housing 8 dogs who come from the most extreme environments of abuse and neglect, Barbara Jean and staff take training to another level. I have witnessed situations where people have gone through multiple trainers to no avail. That is until they meet Barbara Jean! She and her staff can handle the most difficult of dog behaviors and leave you and your pup feeling happy, safe and empowered. We call her the “dog whisperer”. We cannot recommend her enough!"
Sheryl Lawrence
New Boston, NH resident
"Barbara Jean and RSA are fantastic! We drive over an hour and don't think twice. If you're looking for someone who can help shape your dog's future and give you the tools you need to sustain the changes, look no further than RSA."
Matt & Jess Wenners
Sterling, MA resident
"I found Barbara Jean when I ended up with 3 dogs and felt completely overwhelmed. What started out as my desire to work with one of my pup turned into a training session for all 3. My german shepherd was almost 8 had always been a high energy anxious dog acting aggressive toward anything she didn't understand such as small children running and my horses in the field. Her anxiety peaked after she lost her beloved friend Timber whom she grew up with. After losing her friend her anxiety was at an all time high and she would chew out of an enclosed fence if left alone. I worked other trainers with some success but my goal was to allow her to be truly free as she really was a perfect dog after getting to know people and other pets (we had to slowly introduce her to Rocky over 3 weeks and when Hazel came along she was better with only 3 days). She really was a wonderful girl who came off aggressive but she wasn't she was very anxious, noises like gunshots, fireworks would send her climbing the walls to find relief, even frying on a pan. So to put it mildly she was not an easy dog to understand or deal with..and being a responsible dog owner I had to be very careful...Well along comes Barbara Jean and I explained my goal and she helped me achieve that goal. Within a short time I was able to take all 3 of them including Kira on walks and jogs w/o a leash... we finally had recall and honestly once she understood she didn't need to respond there was no need for recall she just stayed w/ me and payed no attention to what was going on or who was walking by. I was even able to bring her with me on horseback rides, while she would circle the horse Barbara Jean taught me how to help her and communicate with her prior to her behaving inappropriately. LONG story shortened was able to be free in the very last year of her life which allowed her to reduce her stress/anxiety and get rid of her energy. She was able to go to the barn with me and be around people at our camp. This was a true gift as little did we know that she would only be able to walk for one year, it was a few short months and she was diagnosed with DM and was paralyzed within a year. This diagnosis was hard and difficult to watch the decline but I am forever grateful that Kira had her freedom in the last year! Thank you Barbara Jean I am forever blessed with you coming into our lives and Kira got to enjoy her remaining life because of you, as she was high energy and deserved her freedom at last!"
Kristin Dunklee
Canterbury, NH resident

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