Group Classes

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Our group classes are what we call our “skills and drills”. We choose to focus on one specific behavior / command and get that one thing to be absolutely solid, dependable and reliable. 


Each week we work on different exercises, approaches and applications for these commands. Often times one signal behavior can be utilized in various different forms and ultimately become a solution for many other problems.

We also increase the 3D’s each week… Distance, Duration and Distraction. Building on each of these every week creates a stronger confidence in both people and dogs in being able to successfully apply these commands on a regular basis and in real life situations.

Group Class Structure



These are our new (now online) group classes that meet for an hour and a half each week for 4 weeks straight. We focus on one specific behavior and work each week on strengthening that behavior to becoming solid. We go over different applications of the behavior, different angles of using and teaching it as well as increasing the 3D’s (Distance, Duration & Distraction) each week.


Classes will be run with a private Facebook group using Facebook Live video for teachings, a place to post your homework questions and successes plus an additional zoom call on Monday nights as additional support, follow up and two way video!


Topics offered:

8 AM – Coming When Called

10 AM – Staying When Told

12 NOON – Walking With Me


Pricing: $200

All payments are to be made electronically via PayPal which will then give you the invitation to join the closed group for your particular class. Please contact us for more details!