NH Dog Boarding

Why leave your dog at a big industrial facility when he can stay with us and enjoy all the comforts of home? Don’t stress him out with a cold, loud and impersonal kennel… let him stay with us and he’ll be sleeping comfortably on a nice cozy couch while binge watching Netflix! Keep reading for more about our NH dog boarding services.  

Cozy and Safe In Home Dog Boarding In New Hampshire

Our home is warm, quiet and inviting with a huge fenced in yard and constant
supervision. By only taking a small amount of dogs at a time,
we are able to provide individualized attention to all of our guests as well as complementary treadmill training if desired.”

All visitors are treated as one of the family in our house and are welcome with open arms. 

Leaving your four-legged family members is never easy, but rest assured that your pup will soon come to love his new home away from home. Boarding also includes complimentary Day School three days a week at our dog training facility in Weare, NH located just three and a half miles up the street.”

Let Your Dog Board With The Really Special Animals Team At Our Home In Weare NH

Dog Boarding Rates

Pack Boarding:

This is “the dog room” of our house with crates lined side by side, calming canine pheromone plugins, fans, air purifier and relaxing music playing around the clock. If your dog is comfortable with other dogs then this is the space for them.

$70 a night for the first dog
$35 a night for the second dog

huey the dog
two labs at dog boarding

Semi Private Boarding:

This is the guest bedroom of our home with only two to three crates next to our desk and bed with a Himalayan Salt light, calming canine pheromone plugins, fan, air purifier and relaxing music playing around the clock. If you prefer your multi-dog family to be together in their own space or your dog does better in a quieter space with less visual stimulation and/or less dogs around then this is the space for them.

$75 a night for the first dog
$37.50 a night for the second dog

Ultra Private Boarding:

This is our trainer’s bedroom with a waterfall feature, candles, calming canine pheromone plugins, air purifier and relaxing music playing.

If you are looking to give your pup the utmost privacy, someone to sleep with and/or no other dogs bothering them then this specially private space in the house is for them.


$80 a night for the first dog
$40 a night for the second dog

dog training new hampshire

“All Dogs Need To Be Comfortable Being Crated (With The Door Closed) As They Are All Crated Anytime They Are Left Unattended For Safety Reasons”

dog resting in crate

Here Are Some Photos of Our Boarding Guests

To view more photos of our dogs boarding click here.

Some Testimonials From NH Dog Boarding Clients

"I highly recommend Really Special Animals for boarding! We had only been away from our sweet, anxious dog Jazzy ONCE since adopting her 3 years ago, but I was fully confident that she would be in great hands with Barbara Jean. Our expectations were exceeded. Jazzy had a blast and even learned a few things that we easily implemented at home. I look forward to many more stays and training for Jazzy at Really Special Animals. Thank you for your dedicated service!"
Maryellen Fish
Chichester, NH
"Staff are very friendly. Our dog loves going for the day to play with his buddies. Nice facility. Definitely a great addition to the Weare community. Boarding option is a plus. Go check them out. We did and now our guy is a happy regular."
Deborah Spadaro
Weare, NH
"Barbara Jean and Bella are OUTSTANDING! boarding my pets always gave me anxiety, but that has all changed since I started using RSA. Zoey loves going and she has learned so much in the process. Her experience is so positive that we sometimes have her go to school just for the fun of being with her “friends”. I highly recommend RSA it is DEFINITELY THE BEST!! Her training results exceed expectations."
David & Diane Nicol
Weare, NH

We even have MA clients that continue to board with us!

"I have known Barbara Jean for many years now. I have done in house training, group classes and my favorite Structured Strides. She is the only person I trust to board my dogs with. She is a truly amazing and gifted trainer. She is the dog whisperer of MA and NH. Don’t take my word for it . Go ahead , call yourself .What are you waiting for? Your dogs with love you for it"
Cristy & Brie Bull
Worcester, MA residents
“Barbara Jean and RSA are fantastic! We drive over an hour and don't think twice. If you're looking for someone who can help shape your dog's future and give you the tools you need to sustain the changes, look no further than RSA.”
Matt Wenners
Sterling, MA
“I have been to Barbara Jean for Structured Strides (training walks), Group Training sessions, and private consultations. I have also boarded my dog with her. She is calm, cool, collected and amazing at what she does. I trust her unequivocally with my dog.”
Kim Bragg
North Adams, MA

NH Dog Boarding Frequently Asked Questions

No. They are typically so preoccupied by everything else going on with all the new sights, sounds, smells and doggie friends that they barely notice. In fact, it is almost always harder on the parents than it is on the dogs. They truly live in the moment and don’t dwell on who isn’t there with them. Plus they still have the familiar scent to sleep and curl up with at night from the bed or blanket that smells like home that you sent in along with them. They are also staying right alongside us and our own personal dogs in our home so they’re typically pretty comfortable.

It is completely normal for your pup to seem a little “different” after boarding. It can be exhausting transitioning from one home environment to another so just give them some time to adjust and maybe consider doing multiple visits or test runs in order to get your dog ready and more comfortable.

And just like us, we usually need a vacation from our vacation in that we are sometimes exhausted just from all the activity catching up to us and having been away from home for so long.

They’re also coming out of a pretty structured and regimented routine so the “different” behavior you’re seeing may in fact simply mean a more well behaved dog.

No. Our in-home setup allows us to alleviate a lot of the traumatic experiences that can occur at larger boarding kennels. However, with that being said, it is important that your pup be crate trained as they will be crated when left alone or unattended as well as overnight. 

If your dog is not comfortable with being crated with the door shut then yes, it may become a more difficult experience than it has to be. Like anything, overtime they will become more and more adjusted and it’ll be a far less stressful experience for everyone.

Start to spend some intentional time away from your dog at random points throughout the day. Even if you aren’t necessarily leaving the house, crate them when you’re eating or taking a shower and/or overnight so they are in fact used to (and loving) their crate with the door shut as well as not being overly attached and having to be touching you every minute of every day.

If your dog has some separation anxiety you are more than welcome to do a trial boarding run at the house and we can give you feedback on how it went. Otherwise pack some food, treats and a bed or blanket that smells like home and your pup is ready to go.

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