Day School

Doggie day School

This is a one of a kind, unique Day School Training Program that provides so much more than just a “structured daycare”.  Imagine a place where your pup can have fun in a well balanced pack, under a trainer’s direct supervision and still learn a lesson or two in impulse control. We promote and advocate for respectful boundaries, safe socialization and rewarding yet calming affection. Most daycares let basic training go right out the window but we actually focus on it!


In this school for dogs, you simply drop them off in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon exhausted from a truly substantial workout. This is not just recess all day where they can chew and jump on everything and everyone… this is a strictly supervised station to station workout for the dogs to be challenged both emotionally and physically. Yes they will still get to play and make friends but on an appropriate scale and not lose their obedience in the process. In fact, your dog will continue his education with us on a daily basis and practice being held to respectful standards of behavior and mannerisms even under extreme levels of distractions.

We strive to teach and reinforce solid social skills, obedience against distractions, proper canine etiquette and respectful manners.

Every dog goes through an interview process which ensures this program is a good fit for this particular dog. This is an all day trial period that allows us to observe and work with the dog throughout the day. Much like kids going to school, owners/parents are not present for this portion and only need to drop off and pick-up. As difficult as that can seem, the good news is that this means YOUR FIRST DAY IS FREE!!

If your dog doesn’t play well with others then click here for more information about our one on one exercise options and/or private training!

The Benefits of Our Doggie Day School Program

dogs on the way to day school

Obedience & Behavior

• Dog on dog social skills
• Appropriate play
• Proper greetings
• Crate training
• Impulse control
• Coming when called
• Staying when told
• No jumping
• Sitting and waiting politely at doors

Physical Education

• Treadmill training
• Weight loss programs
• Muscle building programs
Mental Stimulation
• Confidence boosters
• Decreasing anxiety
• Fitness equipment
• Environmental enrichment
• Puzzle toys
• Agility
• Tricks

dogs on the way to school

Dog Day School Requirements

  • Up to date or tietered on rabies, parvo, distemper & bordetella
  • Clean fecal
  • Heartworm + flea & tick prevention
  • Must be cleared by vet after any/all spouts of contagious communicable diseases such as conjunctivitis, puppy warts, kennel cough, giardia, coccidia Etc.


Full Day: $50

Half Day (4 hours or less): $25


really special animals drool bus

Transportation Pricing

Centralized Neighborhood Pickups: $5

Individual Pickups: $1

Open Mondays,  Wednesdays & Thursdays 

Facility Hours: 7:30 a.m. – 5:30p.m.
By Appointment ONLY
(Early dropoff and late pickup available upon request) =

Transportation Hours:  


Pickups: 7:30am-9am

Dropoffs: 4:30pm-6pm

(Specific times can be requested to fit work schedules)