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Our Dog Day School Programs

If you are looking for a NH dog day care school Really Special Animals has exactly what you are looking for.  We are a unique dog training facility that offers both dog day-school and day-care options for your pup along with numerous other features and benefits to choose from!

First Day Of School

Your pup’s first day with us acts as an all day interview. Whether you will choose into day-school or day-care, this is the first step in assessing what is best for your pup and if our facility is a good fit for you guys or not. They’ll  also get to pick a toy from the toy box, go home with some tasty treats and even have their first day of school photo posted on our Facebook page. 

Dog Day-Care

Your pup can have fun in a well balanced pack, under a trainer’s direct supervision and not let his basic manners go right out the window. We promote and advocate for respectful boundaries, safe socialization and rewarding yet calming affection that everyone enjoys.

Half Day $25 or Full Day $50

Doggie Day School - Where We Exercise, Socialize, And Train Them So They Go Home Dog Tired

Dog Day-School

Give your pup all the pack fun PLUS added one on one training time that teaches him all new stuff. This additional work will be tracked with a monthly pawgress report to fill you in on all his school activities and even comes with helpful homework assignments for you to be consistent at home.

Half Day $30 or Full Day $55


Pawgress Reports For Your Dog’s Progress at Dog Day School

Pawgress Reports are given on a monthly basis to our day schoolers. This report goes over and grades each category of training so you can see which areas they are doing well in, as well as what can use more attention. Notes of our assessments as well as your pup’s vocabulary list and homework for you to work on at home with them are also included.

Parent-Trainer Conferences

Meet one on one with the trainer for a personalized training session showing you exactly how to implement the training at home. This private dog training lesson will show you all the hand signals, body cues, vocabulary and expectations you can bring home with you to ensure that your pup is just as well behaved for you as he is for us! $30

Snacks & Lunches For Your Dog’s Day School Sessions

There is a “Lunch Box” cubbie shelf in the lobby of the facility for any full day pup to bring a lunch or snacks to have while at school. Most commonly used for puppies that still eat three times a day or dogs that may require mid day medications. Simply label your pup’s tupperware or ziplock bag and they’ll get it during lunch/nap time.

Dog Day School Rules

  • No Whining
  • No Barking
  • No Jumping
  • No Humping
  • No Biting
  • No Fighting


The drool bus offers door to door transportation services for dogs coming to the facility for the day that live in Concord, NH. There is a limited amount of space in the bus so reservations are required. For safety, everyone gets clipped into their assigned seats or crated so there are no shenanigans while driving.

doggy day care

Drool Bus Transportation Hours & Pricing:
Pickups: 7:30am-9:30am
Drop Offs: 4:30pm-6pm

(Specific times can be requested to fit work schedules)

Price: Additional $5


Fill out the 2 new client forms and email them back to us prior to your pup’s first day of school
Up to date or tietered on rabies, parvo, distemper & bordetella
Heartworm + flea & tick prevention
Must be cleared by vet after any/all spouts of contagious communicable diseases such as conjunctivitis, puppy warts, kennel cough, giardia, coccidia Etc.

Rewards & Discounts

Refer A Friend = 2 FREE DAYS

Come Full Days Mon & Wed = 20% Off Of Thursday That Week

Full Day For Second Dog Of Same Household (same day) = Half Off

Transportation For Second Dog Of Same Household (same day) = No Charge

Our NH Dog Day School Hours

Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays

7:30 a.m. – 5:30p.m.
Pickup & Drop Off Are All By Appointment ONLY

We also offer Private Dog Training as well!

Dog Day School Testimonials

"We love the fact that they will come to your house, whether you're home or not, and transport the dogs to and from the facility on the "Drool Bus." We have done some one-on-one training sessions & our dog has learned SO much, and so have we!"
Andrea & Chris Sweeney
Weare, NH resident
"Staff are very friendly. Our dog loves going for the day to play with his buddies. Nice facility. Definitely a great addition to the Weare community. Boarding option is a plus. Go check them out. We did and now our guy is a happy regular."
Deborah Spadaro
Weare, NH resident
"We LOVE sending our dogs to RSA for day school. Barbara Jean and Bella are fantastic with the dogs, and it’s so clear they love what they do. I wholeheartedly trust them both with my dog. They create a safe and productive environment for the pups, and Roxy runs right in every time!!"
Katie & Todd Cheever
Weare, NH resident
"Clean facility full of great workers and animals. I send a couple of my pups three times a week and have seen them grow in every aspect. Respecting personal space, learning basic/ complex commands, interaction and and play with other dogs etc... I recommend RSA over any other facility for a trainer or daycare!!!"
Jake Roberge
New Boston, NH resident
"Mabel goes to Really Special Animals 3 afternoons a week and it’s her favorite thing to do. All I have to say is “dog school” and she runs for the car. Barbara Jean and her staff are professional, patient and clearly love what they do and it makes all the difference. The socialization skills and manners she has learned at RSA are wonderful and she continues to make progress every week. We love it!"
Jack & Jen Richman
Weare, NH resident
"Nova LOVES day school at RSA. I usually bring her 1 day a week The staff is extremely friendly and accommodating. When she gets home, she is worn out!!"
Michelle Rodonis
Weare, NH resident
"We spend many months looking for a place to send out dogs during the day while we were at work and many more places to begin training with our pups. we did not find any place that we were comfortable leaving our dogs at or begin training with UNTIL we found RSA through a mutual friend, we started sending our pups, Onyx and Roscoe, a month ago and we have had the best experience with RSA! Both of our dogs attend the dayschool two days a week! RSA is very understanding if you need to adjust you drop off/pick up time, they were super flexible which made me so happy because that was the one thing standing in our way of signing up at first! Our girl Onyx needs lots of help with socialization and listening with distractions around her! RSA has taken in onyx and began to show her how to play and listen with other dogs and we are already seeing a difference in our girl!! We are so thankful and can't wait to see what the future holds with onyx! With RSA there are so many resources they offer to help with your dogs! We are definitely looking forward to continuing our pups training with them! Our little man Roscoe has the best time at school, and we get to enjoy all the pictures they post about their day! We love seeing both our pups making new furry friends! They both come home exhausted from their day at school! We highly recommend Really Special Animals to anyone looking for a place to send your dogs for daycare, dayschool, training, or anything else needed! They treat the pups like their own and know exactly what they need to stay safe and have a good time! We can't even begin to explain how happy we are with our decision to send our dogs here!!"
Delaney York
New Boston, NH resident

Dog Day School Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Really Special Animals Dog Training Academy our day programs let us exercise, socialize and train your dog throughout the day. Keeping a structured schedule and expectation of behavior throughout the day, we ensure their manners don’t just fly right out the window and that everyone follows the main house rules. 

That means you get to drop your dog off at doggie daycare crazy and hyper and pick them up to go home dog tired at the end of the day. We even offer half day options which are 4 hours; often perfect for young puppies, beginners, older dogs and mid day work/school/errand schedules. We even have an optional day school add on where they can receive additional one on one private training which then also makes them eligible for parent – trainer conferences and personalized pawgress reports that go over hand signals, specific exercises, vocabulary, notes and homework in order for you to be able to stay consistent with your pup’s training progress at home. 

Your dog will likely be exhausted after his day of daycare with us. This is completely normal and is absolutely nothing to be concerned about. It is a lot on them both mentally and physically to have an outing for the day, hang out with their friends, check out new sights and sounds, go for a scenic car ride, see some of their favorite people, learn something new, get a physical workout, be challenged mentally, practice impulse control and polite manners during such excitement, learn something new, go out for lunch, play with their friends, explore new things and experience all the social pressures/ins and outs of group socialization.  

Whether they are on a slower paced journey of more observation with slow and simple exposure to other dogs outside their comfort zone or they are full blown social butterflies who spend their day bouncing from one friend to the next, doggie daycare is exhausting for dogs of all ages, breeds and needs as it challenges them all both mentally and physically. 

We often hear that dogs go home and make a beeline for the water bowl. Again, completely normal. Yes, they have unlimited access to water here at the facility however oftentimes they can be too preoccupied, distracted or busy playing or exploring to remember to take a drink. 

Even when pulled aside for intentional water breaks and offering water privately, some dogs don’t feel comfortable their first few visits to drink when away from home or sharing water with others. 

Our staff ensure that the dogs still stay cooled down in other ways such as fans, pools, water in their crates and hosing down both their feet and undercarriage side if need be in order to keep them cool and hydrated. Tricks like feeding wet food, adding water to their treats/kibble or giving ice cubes as treats can also get more water content into them as well. 

8 weeks. As long as your puppy is up to date FOR HIS CURRENT AGE BRACKET of vaccines then he/she is eligible for attending our doggie daycare program. And honestly, the sooner, the better. Puppies have what is known as an “imprinting phase” which closes at 16 wks and locks all experiences into their memory for life, both good and bad. Worth noting is typically an experience NOT seen within the 1st 16wks is marked as an automatic fear of the unknown and is therefore harder to correct further down the line. 

Often people who have gotten their young puppies straight from the breeder at 8 wks old still end up with fearful dogs and that is due to the drop in social experiences once they go home. If they have never experienced a tall guy in a hat and hoodie (maybe because you got hike during the summer) and that 16 wk marker passes, your pup may later show a fear of such people. 

This does not mean the puppy was beaten by a man with a hoodie as a young dog but simply the fact that they never saw it at a young age or didn’t see it enough to impose a positive image in their mind going forward. Point is dog on dog socialization does not end when they leave their littermates AND simply living with one other dog is not enough to teach them proper social skills either. It is vital that puppies get ample exposure to other dogs as early as possible to ensure proper social skills and development with their own kind and doggie daycare can be an excellent, safe, controlled and supervised place to do so.

Yes! There is a common misconception that separation anxiety is created from a dog being left alone too frequently or in a traumatic way somewhere is his past but it is actually the opposite. It honestly stems from a dog that is never or seldom left alone. What happens is the dog becomes so mentally dependent on its owner that they start to have a mental breakdown when they are needed to be separated or even just simply out of sight as they have not developed the confidence levels or life skills to cope on their own.  

Yes! Unlike dog parks, our daycare is much more structured, with trained staff, health screened dogs, a climate controlled environment and is managed and supervised with a trainer’s eye. This creates a much more controlled environment, a safer solution to socialization and an incredible opportunity for your pup to spend a day away from home, have a blast and still get everything he needs all while giving you a nice and sometimes much needed break. 

Safety. In order to ensure the safety and well being of all our two and four legged guests, both drop-off and pickup times are strictly by appointment only. This means that our staff are ready, available and able to assist you at the agreed upon time. 

We also often have a number of dogs in and out of the training facility that are not friendly with other dogs and/or people so to be fair to everyone, it is super important that we know who is coming and going at exactly what times.  

If you are to be more than 10 minutes early or late for your appointed time, then please let us know ahead of time. Also understand that coming and going to school can be an exciting time for our pups and is not the time to be meeting other dogs on leash so please refrain from allowing your dogs to greet each other… there will be plenty of supervised time for that later. 

Possibly. Treadmills are a great tool that can be used for both mental and physical stimulation.

If a dog is super hyper and needs to take the edge off prior to joining the group or perhaps does not thoroughly enjoy playing with other dogs and is still expected to be exercised, you may see them working out on the treadmills. 

It is also a great tool to use when building (or rebuilding) a dog’s social skills as it allows them to be in the general space of other dogs but not forced to be the center of attention with multiple dogs in their face.

Yes. Quick breaks are occasionally necessary in order to keep the peace and harmony among the group.

Whether that be for an over tired dog starting to get cranky, an excitable dog that gets triggered during pickups/drop-offs or for a puppy that is here all day and needs his beauty sleep.

There is also a crated nap time where our staff and the pups get to eat lunch, relax, and refresh.

We are closed for the following holidays…

  • New Year’s Day (January 1)
  • Memorial Day (Last Monday in May)
  • Independence Day (July 4)
  • Labor Day (First Monday in September)
  • Columbus Day (Second Monday in October)
  • Thanksgiving Day (Fourth Thursday in November)
  • Christmas Day (December 25)

If you are going to be more than 10 minutes late to our agreed upon appointment time, then please call 603-660-6689 and let us know. 

Without this courtesy call, you will be charged for the day of intended service and be required to reschedule. 

Same day cancellations, no calls and no shows will be charged for the day of intended service as the appointed times are considered reservations to hold your dog’s spot which means potentially saying no to other business that day. 

Please keep in mind that space is limited and to be respectful of our schedules and timeframes as we do our best to be respectful of yours.

All services are required to be pre-paid for unless otherwise discussed.


Venmo is our preferred method of payment during Covid-19. Please send to @BarbaraJean-Crehan with the confirming last 4 digits being 8881.


Paypal is 2nd in our preferred payment method during Covid-19. Please send to email address [email protected]


Checks are still acceptable and are to be made out to Really Special Animals. Please note that they are usually deposited once a week.

Although not preferred during COVID-19, is still accepted but without the option of change given. Any change due will be added to future credit of service.