Our clients become part of our family as we often times develop lifelong friendships with such great people and dogs. Here is a little bit about our family and what we like to do together. If you too have a really special animal than welcome to the family!

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Barbara Jean Crehan

Barbara Jean Crehan has been working with dogs since 2001. She has worked in boa rding facilities, daycares, grooming salons, training programs, breeding programs, show kennels, pet specialty retail, a veterinarian’s office, rescue organizations as well as activist and awareness groups. This wide range of experience has allowed her to gain tremendous amounts of knowledge and understanding. Both training and competing in numerous areas such as obedience, agility, rally and conformation have all added to her love and passion for dogs.

She attended Norfolk County Agricultural High School in Walpole where she majored in Canine Science. There she was able to experience animals on all different levels and even got to bring her dog to school with her. She then went on to Becker College to study Animal Care and then to Worcester State University for Business Administration with a minor in Communications. She is a respected member of the International Association of Canine Professionals as well as many competing obedience and agility groups. She is an absolute sponge when it comes to learning and is constantly continuing her education through weekly ongoing classes and seminars on the regular.

"we call her the dog whisper-et"

The Boys

Cain and Abel are our left and right hand assistants of the business who each play an active role in every dogs’ training experience with us. They are often able to read dogs better than we can and therefore provide a vast amount of information for us which helps bring everyone closer to success. These boys make a great team, act as a soundboard for so many, are able to establish trust with countless compromised dogs and open doors that us humans simply can’t. This is the launching point for our clients’ dogs to begin to understand proper canine communication and be able to truly learn what it means to be a dog. Let our really special animals pay it forward to yours.

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Cain is an 10 year old Pit Bull/Boxer mix who is as loyal as they come. Although originally from an army base in upstate New York, he was passed around a bit due to Breed Specific Legislation before we got him at 12 weeks old and were already his fourth home. He is now a fantastic dog, our best friend, our main man and our typical go-to dog for so many things. He is a blue ribbon show dog and actively shows in various obedience, rally and agility venues where he has earned several titles and over 100 ribbons from registered organizations such as the AKC, CDSP, USDAA, NADAC and APDT. Cain is not only a joy to be around but is truly our right hand man and plays an enormous role in our clients’ success.


Abel is a 7 year old German Shepherd/Lab mix who is a real dog’s dog. He started off as a foster to get him out of an abusive situation and he just clicked so well with Cain that we simply couldn’t give him up. He enjoys his days interacting and managing the other dogs by policing their activity. This dog will make you laugh in his goofy, clumsy ways and often times woo woos quite a bit along the way. Abel has started a career in both nose work and canine resistance training where his eagerness to please allows him to truly and easily succeed. Abel is extremely laid back and a big baby at heart but is a great and trustworthy dog with other dogs and is willing to play with them all.

Gone But Never Forgotten...

We would like to give a special thanks to our late Australian Shepherd, Smiley, who has truly touched our souls and influenced our lives like no other. Going from “too aggressive and untrainable” to an amazing therapy and blue ribbon show dog… she taught us countless life lessons and showed us what real potential is all about. She was truly a “once in a lifetime”,”heart and soul” kind of dog and we thank her for every moment we shared together!

We dedicate the business name to her registered American Kennel Club Identification “Rainforest Smiles Alot” also known as “RSA”. She is the reason why we do what we do and why we are who we are.

Smiley will never be forgotten and will remain in our hearts forever and ever.


​Teddy was actually a previous client’s dog who was proven to be too much for them and just wasn’t the right fit for their family. He fit in with the boys here perfectly and excelled at absolutely everything we did with him. His drivey personality and endless amounts of energy, made for the perfect sport dog. However, with that exuberance, came a lot of work as well… Not even remotely close to your “average dog”, this boy taught us more lessons than we can count and has honestly made us better owners, handlers and trainers. We trained in rally, frisbee, dock diving, agility and were the ones to watch in both obedience and barn hunt competitions. Teddy was 5 years old when he passed and although short, his life was full of quality, fun, adventure, spunk and amazing experiences together… “thank you for all you have taught us buddy!”